Reflection Filter SE Electronics RF-X

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sE Electronics RF-X

Six years ago SE ELECTRONICS was the first company to develop a solution to the problems associated with undesirable acoustic surroundings with immersive microphones and released the successful Reflexion Filter RF-Pro. The company recently received a patent for all Reflexion Filter products, including the new RF-X filter.

RF-X is the latest high performance acoustic filter to join the renowned line of successful and standard Reflexion filters. Using the same patented technology as the RF-Pro, the new RF-X meets the needs of a variety of recording needs. With a new lightweight body and an improved lightweight clip, the RF-X delivers unbeatable performance and ease of use.

The new materials have been refined to be lighter than their predecessors, while maintaining durability - helping to make the RF-X a versatile product suitable for any challenging work environment. It features four layers of acoustic filter, including an outer combination panel, a wool fabric layer, air gaps and an inner foam layer. This multi-layer air-layer design sets the RF-X apart from the competition.

The RF-X clip also utilizes a lightweight design, allowing the filter to be used on any mic stand and only vertically, making it ideal for vocal recording.

Country of origin China

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