Tuner/Metronome Yonika MT-55

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Yonika MT-55

The compact tuner-metronome Yonika for tune guitars, basses, violins and ukuleles.

Fixing to the head of instrument  by clip. Possibility to rotate the tuner around clip on 360 degrees.

Metronome offers a wide tempo range: 30 up till 280 beats per minute. Pleasant sound of the metronome is not "cuts" the ear.

Metronome placed in plastic corrugated black housing with matte finish, equipped with LED-display. The screen is backlit has an emulation of dial gauge. It is used to display information about tuning of a musical instrument.

The tuner is powered by battery.

Advice from "MUSICIAN.UA"
Beethoven dedicated his vocal canon "Ta-ta-ta" to Meltsel metronome. Just think! Perhaps you need exactly this device to create a new musical composition :)
Type Tuner-Metronomes
До чего техника дошла, шикарный тюнер с функцией метронома. Метрономом стал теперь пользоваться всегда, раньше было лень включать на телефоне или компьютере.

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