Spanish guitar Alhambra 3C with a classic body covered with a transparent glossy varnish, nylon strings, an upper deck made of solid red cedar (or solid German ..
Classical guitar Alhambra 8P from the Spanish manufacturer Alhambra. The instrument is made according to the Spanish tradition and assembled by hand using high-..
Alhambra 7PA is the most popular model of tools made of solid wood in the Alhambra line. It is the most affordable in the line of massive tools. On this guitar ..
The Alhambra 7P is inspired by the past, but designed and handcrafted in the present to always be at the top of the guitar world. The guitar is made with the be..
The Alhambra 4P is a classic full-size guitar. It has a rich, clear sound with bright tones and elegant design. The top is made of solid cedar, the sides and ba..
6-string full-size classical guitar of the "Student" series. The strings on the guitar are low (close to the frets), so beginners will have no difficu..
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Manufacturas Alhambra S.L., established in 1965, with 50 years of experience in the construction of the best handmade classical, flamenco and steel string guitars in the world. It has more than 14000 square meters used for creating unique pieces using a perfect union between the tradition of handmade work and the most modern woodworking techniques. The company is proud to be a family of 110 specialized workers, each with a solid experience in the craft of constructing stringed instruments. This team benefits from the labor of a design workshop incorporated in the company, which is responsible for investigating and developing new models and processes.

The process begins with the best raw material: cedar, spruce, rosewood, ebony, cypress, etc. They are carefully selected at the place of origin and specifically purchased and imported to manufacture the guitars. Once they arrive at Alhambra's factory, the wood is naturally dried, a process that is lately stabilized through an automatic dry, which is possible thanks to use of use new technologies applied to this sector. Afterwards the different pieces are made, assembled varnished and polished to complete the process with individual tuning and sound control of each guitar.

The quality and reliability of the musical instruments manufactured by Alhambra, are assured thanks to the implementation of a comprehensive production process control system, which begins with the selection of the best raw materials. This is a quality commitment that Alhambra extends through its three-year guarantee and careful after-sales service. The storage procedures as well as the quickness and punctuality of order fulfillment are improved thanks to new technologies. Every guitar is registered with a digital system that lets it be identified through a unique serial number, allowing the company to certify the origin of each instrument.

Alhambra guitars are widely recognized due to their quality, design and sonority. The superb sonority is a result of the worker's professionalism, their meticulous working method, and their careful selection of woods. Alhambra Guitars has specialized in offering the best product to each customer. That is why all its lines have three ranges adapted to the different levels of the instrument: beginner models, models for the conservatory and finally the professional range. Alhambra Guitars, has a wide offer of options that can be used to create an instrument adapted to the specific needs of each customer. Alhambra guitars can be found in more than 40 countries.