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Art System Technologies - one of the fastest growing companies in the karaoke sphere in general and production of professional karaoke equipment in particular. The company's activities started in 1995 and since that time it passed a long way. Started with adaptation of foreign production karaoke systems for domestic circumstances, today Art Systems is engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of its own products. Thousands of professional karaoke establishments and karaoke lovers are using our equipment for business and pleasure.

The main asset of the Art System company is a team of professionals. Accumulated over the years of experience allows to accurately predict the direction of the karaoke industry evolution. We offer our customers advanced hardware and software, high-quality service, regular updating of our karaoke systems repertoire. In our work on the future products and programs, we always strive to take into account the wishes of karaoke users.

The reliability and simplicity of our solutions makes it possible to use them not only in the commercial sector, but also in amateur, home karaoke. For today our range includes three professional karaoke systems, covering the entire range of applications. This is AST-100 (karaoke clubs, restaurants, bars, private use), AST-50 (karaoke bars, the VIP-karaoke rooms, private use) and AST Mini (small bars, private use, children's karaoke).

Development of karaoke culture - this is our business, our passion, our life.