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AudioPressBox is a division of MediaTech Central Europe which is a leading Slovak distributor and system integrator of audiovisual technologies of various top worldwide AV manufacturers. The company was established in 1994. Over the course of the years we have established a position of a leader in the audiovisual field in Slovakia. we are a professional company in regards to both being a manufacturer and Distributor/System integrator so this is why it is important for our partners and customers to know that it is our top priority to keep our staff up to date with latest knowledge and so our sales managers and designers attend various conferences and trainings all over the world every year to keep up to date with the latest news and technologies.

MediaTech Central Europe has various departments which cover most of the AV business.

  • sales department with brand managers who are responsible for the network of our dealers and stone shops
  • system integration department which is responsible for projects design and consultations
  • installation department which realizes the projects
  • official service center where we can carry our warranty repairs of most of the brands which we distribute
  • marketing team that is responsible for the promotion of the brands which we distribute and which is making the brands visible in Slovakia
  • our own e-shop where we offer various AV products directly to the end users

MediaTech Group

MediaTech Central Europe has various divisions which were created over the course of years and together they make the MediaTech Group.

First the MediaTech was founded in 1994 as a professional Audio company.

  • In 2002 we have introduced our own brand Audio-Resolution which are high-end speakers.
  • The next addition to the MediaTech Group was Ambicon in 2010. Ambicon is a complete system for the ambient sound recording in air traffic control.
  • AudioPressBox was launched in 2012. AudioPressBox are professional press conference audio distribution amplifiers.
  • Our own e-shop for Slovak market was introduced in 2015.