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belden_logoBelden Wire & Cable is the largest American company - manufacturer of wires and cable products. The company was founded in 1902 and is widely known throughout the world as one of the pioneers of production and design in its industry. Currently, on the verge of the communication and information revolution, when the purpose of electrical networks is becoming more multifaceted, the company's products have become more wide-ranging.

For many years, Belden has been a recognized international leader in cabling and wiring products, adhering to industry standards. Belden offers the widest and most varied cable selection available. The offered range includes over 3,000 types of cable and wire products for use in computer networks, telecommunications, industrial instrumentation, radio broadcasting, cable TV, electronic equipment, winding wires.

The expected service life of BELDEN cables is over 25 years. For example, the company's cable is used in the largest electrical networks in Amsterdam, Vienna and other European cities. The company's experience allows us to give a written guarantee for your cable up to 25 years.

All types of signal cables, coaxial and fiber optic, meet the European and international standards for quality and safety of operation. The coaxial cable is designed in accordance with the IEC 1196 international standard for RF cable; cables for broadband distribution networks comply with European standard EN 50117. Fiber optic cable is manufactured in accordance with international standards such as IEC (793 and 794), ITU, ETSI and the European CENE LEC standard. The range of winding materials used for various types of cable also complies with the European standard.