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Feadóg Teoranta (Irish for "Whistles Ltd.") was founded in Dublin in 1978 with the aim of producing a high quality, traditional Irish whistle (commonly referred to as "Tin Whistle" or "Penny Whistle") that was actually made in Ireland and was affordable to anyone who wanted to play music. Since then, we have stuck firmly to that principle and the company has gone from strength to strength. When the first Feadóg "Original Irish Whistles" appeared on the market, they were met with a favourable response and soon proved to be a popular choice for professional whistle players and beginners alike. However, our philosophy here at Feadóg has always been that we cannot rest on our laurels, but instead we must always strive to improve.

From there we went on to develop and produce our Mk.II Feadóg which brought us through the next ten years. But still striving for improvement, we decided to invest heavily in further development of the instrument. Much thought, research and testing took place over a lengthy period of time in collaboration with professional musicians. In late 2001 we launched the Mk.III Feadóg Whistle. This has been a great success and the Feadóg tin whistle is now enjoyed the world over by everyone from young children to professional musicians. We continue to invest in R & D to further expand the Feadóg range. You can follow our progress by checking this web-site for product information.

2003 was the 25th aniversary of Feadóg Teoranta. We are able to look back and celebrate a quarter of century of bringing music to millions. We are also looking forward to the future, bringing you new Feadóg prodcuts whilst maintaining the same high level of quality and affordability our customers have become accostomed to. You can follow our progress by checking our news section.