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Another new member of the Hammond-Suzuki Melodion family is the S-27H Soprano model. Like the 44, the S-27H has a built-in microphone, however this deluxe Melod..
The SK line is the perfect blend of features and functionality to suit every pianist, whatever the genre they play. SK PRO is an enhancement version of SK, stri..
The Hammond 44 is the first Melodion that incorporates a built-in Dynamic Microphone (Patent Pending) which creates less mechanical noise compared to an externa..
The sound of a Bass Harmonica is unique and haunting. The Hammond BB makes it easy to add this color to your tonal palette. It is also a necessary component of ..
The newest member of the Hammond-Suzuki Melodion family is the 44HP or “High-Power” model. Taking the 44 a step beyond, the 44HP has new reeds that ..
We knew the Sk was going to bring new members to the Hammond Family, but were stunned at how many Pianists have embraced the Sk1-88. As in all Hammonds, respons..
The SK line is the perfect blend of features and functionality to suit every pianist, whatever the genre they play. SK PRO is an enhancement version of SK, stri..
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Hammond Manufacturing has been operating for close to one-hundred years, with deep historical roots. The business started in a backyard workshop in 1916 located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In the early years, the Company manufactured radios, power amplifiers and battery eliminators.

During the late 1920's Hammond focused its efforts on the manufacturing of transformers for the broadcast and communications industries. In the early 1930’s Hammond became the first company in Canada to manufacture a line of 2-post racks and a narrow cabinet to support the growing broadcast and communications industries. The explosive demand for electrical products of all kinds during the 1950's and 1960's created many opportunities for new products and diversification. During these years Hammond became a leading supplier of transformers, racks and cabinets as well as enclosures for the electrical and electronic industries.

Through the last four decades, the Company expanded its focus on the U.S. and International markets. Hammond made a number of strategic acquisitions of transformer companies and became one of the largest suppliers of magnetics to the North American electrical OEM market. It has also formed several strategic alliances with U.S. and European companies to broaden its already extensive offering of enclosures and related accessories.

In 2000, the Hammond Transformer Group was spun off to form a new independent company, Hammond Power Solutions, Inc. The core products for Hammond Manufacturing continue as electrical and electronic enclosures, racks and cabinets, power bars and electronic transformers and the next chapter for the Company began.

Today, Hammond Manufacturing is a global company with customers worldwide. Our 600 plus team members work together to deliver on our promise of quality products and service excellence. High performance manufacturing equipment and continuous improvement management techniques combine to enhance our reputation for quality. Ongoing efforts to differentiate ourselves through high levels of service and customer satisfaction are a key corporate focus. These are the cornerstones to our future success.

Hammond is a publicly traded company on the TMX (HMM.A) and is headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Hammond has offices around the World, including facilities in Canada, USA, UK and Taiwan. Hammond offers a broad range of standard products, modification services and technical support to electrical and electronic manufacturers, utilities and institutions through a global network of agents and distributors.