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Piano Tuning Keys

Piano tuning hammers

One of the biggest choices a person must make after deciding to tune a piano is which tuning hammer to use. There are tons of choices out there between different materials, lengths, head angles, and tip lengths. Most quality tuning hammers are made of three separate parts: the lever, the head, and the tip.  Many low quality hammers (and some high quality hammers) are only comprised of two or even a single piece. Some levers are sold with a head and tip included, while others are not.


There are four different materials that are commonly used for tuning levers:

  • Steel
  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium 

With the first two being by far the most popular. Wood is often used as well, but only to create a comfortable handle, never as a structural element. Steel tuning levers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Steel is stiffer than titanium but more flexible than aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber has the benefit of being light and extremely stiff at the same time. Aluminum has the potential to create a very stiff, lightweight, and reasonably priced lever. Titanium is generally a poor choice due to expense and lack of stiffness.

Tip length

Tuning tips (the socket that fits over the tuning pin) vary in length between 1" and 3". The tip length that you choose will probably go hand in hand with the head angle that you choose.  A longer tip (usually used with a shallow head angle) will get the lever further from the pin and will give it more clearance.  A shorter tip (steep head angle) will keep the lever close and give less clearance.

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