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Seat Cushions

Piano bench cushions

A piano is easily one of the most versatile musical instruments out there. In the right hands, it is capable of creating the most stunning and spectacular sounds. Of course, it is also one of the more complicated stringed musical instruments, so aside from the obvious skill requirements like years of practice and a touch of talent, you will need all the comfort you can afford. 

There are only a few things required to play the piano aside from the instrument itself and a pair of hands – a piano bench and a piano bench cushion. The cushion offers the comfort you need for long playtime. Piano bench cushions are a beautiful way to compliment your wood top piano bench, adding color and comfort. They are also a great method to rejuvinate more worn piano benches, without having to purchase a new one. Available in multiple colors and sizes, find the piano bench cushion that best compliments and accents your room decor. 

Naturally, you might think that it is just a cushion, but a proper model will be able to offer you the kind of comfort and convenience that a regular cushion simply won't be able to replicate. That said, just like with any other cushion, it is all about the fabric used in the cover and the materials stuffed into that cover. Some of those materials will allow you to use the cushion outdoors while some are only fit for indoors applications. Other than that, take into account the size of the cushion with respect to the size of your bench, consider the conveniences it entails, and you should be able to make the right choice. Take a tape measurer and measure the length and width of the seat of the piano bench. Because of the rounded edges of the piano bench cushions, the size of the cushion does not have to be an exact match, as plus or minus an inch will still work. If our opinion though, go with the bigger size over the smaller.

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