Keyboards Footswitches

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Keyboards Footswitches

Keyboards footswitches

Footswitches (pedals) for keyboards are additional equipment used to obtain the "piano" effect, i.e. to hold the sound after the performer has removed his hands from the keys, to control the volume of the sound or to switch various effects.

Keyboard footswitches allow you to:

  • Increase the duration of chords
  • Control the rise and fall of the octave
  • Change the sound volume
  • Control any other effect

How to choose keyboard footswitches

By functional features, the device can be divided into several types:

  • Sustain pedal. The device is used only to obtain a sustain effect. No other functions provided
  • Volume pedal. It is characterized by soft movement and can smoothly adjust the volume of the sound within a predetermined range
  • Optional blocks. Sets of two or three pedals that are designed for the digital piano and have the same functions as the standard pedals
  • Universal. Can be used to obtain a sustain or as an effects switch

Music synthesizer manufacturers produce pedals with universal connectors, the main thing is to pay attention to the polarity of the devices when connecting them. Another important parameter is the length of the cord. Manufacturers do not always equip music equipment with cables of sufficient length. There is another kind of footswitches – wireless devices. On the one hand, it's a really convenient solution. On the other hand, the wired connection is more reliable and the devices are cheaper.

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