Kool Light

Reason for discount: The product does not work, it is sold as a case. Smoke generator. Power - 700 Watts. Warm-up time - 4.5 minutes. Smoke Out - 100 cubic m..
KOOLLIGHT SNOW-1200 Powerful snow generator. Power: 1200 watts. Snow Output: 50m. Throwing up to 7 meters. The liquid capacity: 5L. Control: DMX, wired remote c..
KOOLLIGHT STAR LED (A-634) LED effect "Moon flower". 84 RGB LEDs, 4 DMX channels, automatic mode, sound activation...
KOOLLIGHT TITAN LED light effect KOOLLIGHT TITAN, power consumption 10W, 3 color, sound activated...
KOOLLIGHT LED EYES LED two beams of the first moon flower. 122 (2h56) RGB LEDs. Sound activation. The reason for markdown: The unit was in the store, it has sho..
KOOLLIGHT LEMM Light effect. Equipped with two powerful RGB-LED (9 watts). Controlled via DMX-4 channel. It produces multicolored beams of light...
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Kool Light

Lighting effects, scanners, projectors, lasers, smoke machines, strobes, KOOL LIGHT adds color your evenings. You enter a new dimension thanks to the bright LED technology. KOOL LIGHT offers Also a range of controllers and accessories so you can create a single light atmosphere: yours!