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L-Frank Audio

Supplier of High-quality Installed Sound Systems
With over 15 years of industrial experience, Frank Audio is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronic products in China. Our main products include high-quality installed sound systems, such as all kinds of speakers and amplifiers, which are widely exported to South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Turning Out 50,000 Units Monthly
Our 10,000sqm factory is fitted with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and houses over 150 well-trained and -experienced workers. We also have been cooperating with a partner molding factory for over 10 years. These resources assure high quality and allow us to turn out 50,000 units monthly to meet volume order requirements. Because we pay great attention to quality, we never use reworked material in our products.

Offering a One-stop Solution
We guarantee the delivery of your products and can either expedite or delay your delivery upon request. Moreover, our one-stop solution for speakers and amplifiers is designed to save your time and money. We are well aware of the world market and all these lead to 85 percent repeat order rate.

Place Your OEM/ODM Orders Today
OEM/ODM orders are welcome, and we accept orders starting at 100 units. Contact us today to begin sourcing.