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In all aspects of human activity, trust plays a decisive role. Guided by this very feeling, we make important decisions in our life. Trust provides keeping of promises and commitments.

"Musician" can act as guarantor of your deal and offers an exclusive option - "Safe deal".

For the seller - it is a guarantee of receiving payment.

For the buyer it is a guarantee of receipt of the goods in the condition described by the seller.

Moreover, the seller determines the payer of the commission, possible options:

  • 3% of the deal and delivery amount is paid by the seller;
  • 3% of the deal and delivery amount is paid by the buyer;
  • 2% of the deal and delivery amount are paid by the seller and the buyer each.

The buyer has the right to agree or not with the conditions offered by the seller. He can refuse a "Safe deal" offer and buy the goods directly from the seller at his own risk. The Service is responsible for the "Safe Deal" and does not affect the terms offered by the Seller.


Buying via the "Safe Deal", you put the goods in the "Basket", and it comes under the control of our managers. We buy the goods from the seller, receive it, check its condition and working capacity, then we deliver it to you. The "Safe Deal" commission is a small reward for our efforts and the price of your peace of mind.


Feel yourself like a boss - musical instruments dealer. When you sell via the "Safe Deal", you solve serious deals: the manager contacts you, specifies condition of the instrument, and the "Musician" buys the goods for delivery to the buyer.


We are extremely vigilant and strict about the quality of the provided services. Therefore, we do not advise you to hide the defects of the product offered for sale. Otherwise, the goods will be returned without payment. By the way, your rating at the Portal will suffer from such actions. Take care that it does not fall below your honor and dignity.


After receiving and inspecting the goods, our manager will contact you to confirm the main questions about the product. From this moment you can pay the quoted price with a quiet heart. After payment, we send the goods by convenient for you way, specified at the order registration.

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