This classic-style pedal works with any M-Audio keyboard. Designed to work and feel just like an acoustic piano's sustain pedal, it has a specially designed..
 M-Audio Keystation 49 MK3 Musical Control With Keystation 49 MK3, maximizing your creativity while minimizing the complication is easy: Use the fully assignab..
Portability for the Pros The Oxygen Pro Mini is a powerful, 32-key USB powered MIDI controller that allows you to create the music you want, wherever you wan..
Feel the need to express yourself fully? M-Audio’s EX-P expression controller pedal works with all M-Audio MIDI controllers that have an expression pedal ..
We’ve also added an entire Effects Plugin, Virtual Instruments and Loop package to cater to all your production needs. Whether you need a guitar tone, rev..
Studio Grade Production – Simplified! Combining the critically acclaimed AIR 192|4 interface, HDH40 headphones, a Nova Black condenser microphone, XLR ..
M-Audio pioneered the portable MIDI controller market with the Oxygen series of keyboard controllers. Today, M-Audio continues to be a leader of this technology..
USB MIDI interface, 1IN/1OUT, USB, PC/Mac, powered via USB, or disconnect the cable. Features 1-in/1-out MIDI interface 16 MIDI input channels 16 M..
M-Track Duo is the best and most portable recording interface in its class. It delivers 48 kHz audio resolution in a compact and easy-to-use format that's p..
SP-1 is a universal sustain pedal with polarity switch for compatibility with all electronic keyboards. Sustain footpedal or FS controller For synthesiz..
M-Audio M-Track Solo is the best audio interface in its class. In a comfortable and convenient size of 48 kHz, which are ideal for creating music on any Mac, PC..
The M-Audio AIR 192|6 comes complete with a software package that has everything to get you started. With 2 powerful DAWs to suit your production needs, AIR 192..
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M-Audio is one of the most revered names in music computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors. M-Audio was founded in 1988 under the name of Midiman. The company was originally engaged in designing software and hardware solutions designed to address the challenges of connecting MIDI, audio, and computers together in a system in order to facilitate the composition and production of electronically-based music. In 2000, MIDIman debuted the name “M-Audio” for their latest line of audio products. They enjoyed consistent growth from both the MIDI interface and audio hardware categories. In 2002, the first of the famous Oxygen series keyboards hit the market, establishing the important new category of portable keyboard controller. The company continued to expand, with an ever-growing product line distinguished by sophisticated engineering with an emphasis on versatility and usability. M-Audio now offers state-of-the-art products in a wide range of categories that serve both the amateur and professional musical markets, including MIDI interfaces, keyboard controllers, drum machines, recording monitors and subwoofers, headphones, and microphones.