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Sensitive to every nuance – and tough on the road. No matter whether it's quiet or loud, far away or right up close: the e 865 makes every tone worth its weight..
OVERVIEW Presence all the way to the peaks. The e 945 renders the natural sounds of the voice in particularly forceful colors. Its extraordinary presence and fu..
More focus. More presence. Maximum focus, enhanced presence: the e 845 delivers differences you can hear. Its expanded high frequency range creates space for de..

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OVERVIEW Not plastic, metal. No muffled, mids-centric sound but tight low mids and present treble. No problem with feedback, spill or handling noise; instead, m..
OVERVIEW Its balanced frequency range qualifies the e 935 for songs of every genre. It clearly gives the voice more space and positions it cleanly in front of l..
OVERVIEW Solid, focused and precisely positionable. The high-end sound of a condenser microphone is combined with the features of professional stage equipment t..
OVERVIEW A more direct sound – more directly from the amp. The e 906 captures the guitar sound just as you want it to be: from clean to distorted, from gentle t..
OVERVIEW Clean bass meets precise punch. The e 902 was especially designed for the low sound spectrum and convinces with firm, clearly defined bass sounds with ..
OVERVIEW A brilliant all-rounder for demanding tasks. The e 914 is a condenser microphone of the superior class with a full-bodied sound and excellent dynamics...
OVERVIEW Full of sound – full of life. With its consistent frequency response, the e 904 creates a sound that is as transparent as it is harmonic and that can b..
OVERVIEW A balanced kick sound to set and forget. The e 901 is a rugged boundary microphone that handles high sound pressure levels extraordinarily well. Tailor..
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