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Musicus musico amicus est

Musicus musico amicus est!

Musicus musico amicus est! This knows everyone around... These words are associate with Musician.UA project at his visitors. But if you still are not familiar with us, then this page - for you.

    Our main mission - the development of musical culture of Ukraine. To this is important an active interaction between all market participants. We offer:
  • easy to use services for professionals and amateurs;
  • an extensive catalog of musical instruments and equipment;
  • useful and educational content;
  • wide range of musical products and services necessary for all market participants.

More details about each direction:


We pay special attention to cooperation between professionals: this is for was established our Musicians Club – special Internet resource for communication between musicians, producers, concert promoters and all involved in Show Business - the single database of participants of the music industry. Service will help to performer promote himself (by completing his profile and running an official blog) and employer – find candidates in systematized catalog of musicians / performers (by placing the order). After placing an order in a specific category, the musicians - in the case of interest - will offer their services. Employer, in his turn, can offer a job to chosen artists, based on CV.

Our services make it easy to interact each other. We have Guitar Workshop; contemporary Service Center provides a full range of services for musical equipment; moreover, you can rent any musical instruments, as well as order services of equipment installation and mounting.

Flea Market service aims to unite representatives of the music world. Especially for those, who want to sell (or buy) his used musical instruments, sound or video equipment, accessories and so on, we offer a free space for personal ads.

It is convenient for buyers to see all available offers and choose exactly what he need. User of Flea Market service can place ad of selling of any instrument or equipment, which will be linked to the already existing in catalog position: you only need to add a description of the goods condition, photo and sale / delivery conditions. Buyers have an access to all the data in a systematic form – new goods will be visible along with all the used goods offers of the same model. Now the search has become easier - all the offers on this product are presented on a single page: choose and contact the seller directly, or use the Secure Transaction service of our website.

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Huge systematic catalog of musical equipment and instruments and other products for the entertainment industry is available in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Pleasant to the eyes, easily perceived literature descriptions of each item with accurate technical descriptions will certainly help you in choosing.

However, Musician.UA - is not just another online music store. This is specialized portal, dedicated to the music industry: it was created for the musicians and for all those who - in one way or another - connected with the world of Music.

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Musical media - is a music online reviewer. The expert opinion of professionals will orient you in the difficult but fascinating world of sound, help with technical issues, will prompt important directions for further improvement. Here you will learn about current musical events, about the features of different occupations, find detailed reviews of specific equipment and technologies, specialized exhibitions, as well as about factories, brands and many other.

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And, of course, our portal provides convenient shopping. In our shop are collected the most popular products, taking into account a reasonable balance "price-quality." The cost of products corresponds to market situation thanks to a single price policy, established by the official distributors of the brands. However, we have a loyalty program: regular users with a positive history of payments are offered by bonuses, discounts and gifts, "Credibility" service in "Installments" program and many other interesting and useful marketing instruments, created for you on the basis of "Win-win" principle.

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Using the services of the portal, each participant receives the most favorable conditions. The task to be most useful for musicians done - enjoy! We do everything for your comfort and will help everyone to get what he wants.

In other words – Musicus musico amicus est! This knows everyone around... Visit Musician.UA and you will convinced in it personally.



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