MiniBrute2S: meet our new little friend

Meet MiniBrute2S, A thrilling hybrid sequencer-synth designed to push the envelope for the modern musician.

Taking the vast sound design potential of MiniBrute2 and supercharging it with an advanced, triple-layered step sequencer.

Combining Arturia’s legacy of joyful, intuitive sequencers with attitude-packed synthesis, and expanding into the blooming world of Eurorack modular with a comprehensive mod matrix patchbay, MiniBrute2S will give your music the Brute Factor™.

Pure synth power

Despite its power, MiniBrute2S’s massive synth potential remains accessible and fun to use. Thanks to its analog, semi-modular architecture, you have hands-on control of every parameter, so you can oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes on the fly to create a sound that’s unique yours, bound only by your imagination.

Rewire its DNA

Open up exciting new possibilities by patching in signals from your modular collection to alter MiniBrute2S’s sound, or patch signals out to your modular to sequence or shape them from MiniBrute2S’s myriad controls. With this synth at your command, your creative workspace will become an experimental sound laboratory.

Step in line

Not only does MiniBrute2S feature an awesomely powerful, triple-layered step sequencer and multi-mode arpeggiator, it’s also decked out with high quality, pressure and velocity sensitive performance pads. MiniBrute2S perfectly suits adventurous electronic musicians who feel comfortable dropping the traditional keyboard for a more contemporary interface.

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