DJ Workstations

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DJ Workstations

DJ workstations

The concept of an independent working DJ-station (DJ workstation) is the most popular among modern manufacturers. Combining mixer, signal sources and effects unit in a single device - a very attractive idea, which has a number of objective advantages. This workstation can effectively act in a club and touring in difficult conditions. It is more convenient and more reliable system of individual devices. Moreover, today many workstations are able to work with different types of media, which can not fail to please the owners of a large library. With two large and bright display, DJ will always have comprehensive information about the tracks that sound during live performances. The track number, elapsed or remaining time, the situation on the line of the track of progress, the current parameters of pitch, BPM, ID3, text and light source can be easily distinguished, even in complete darkness.

The higher the professional level of a DJ and the wider its sound library, the more the need to purchase serious equipment becomes. DJ workstations make your job much easier because of a number of advantages.

  • The independence of such equipment allows you to work without the use of additional devices, which is invaluable in the "field" conditions
  • A workstation is much more reliable than a series of devices connected to each other
  • A mixer and a unit with all sorts of effects are combined in one piece of equipment
  • This device allows you to work with various types of media

When choosing professional equipment, you should consider the following aspects:

  • The workstation must allow the most accurate mixing of music tracks and create new unique mixes
  • It should allow you to work with different audio file formats
  • The equipment must support different types of external media
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the presence of several outputs, as well as a microphone input
  • Convenient displays contribute to the maximum information about the played tracks (it is especially important to see all the data in the dark)
  • Equalizers must support the ability to amplify and equalize the sound as needed
  • The control buttons should be conveniently located
  • The jog wheels are designed to provide a "scrambling" mode and track search
  • The playlist navigation system should be as comfortable as possible, as well as the location of the buttons responsible for the tempo and playback of songs

By correlating all of the above characteristics with your professional needs, you can choose the machine that will make your work as efficient as possible and your show as spectacular as possible.

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