Get you wanted! Arturia DrumBrute

For the five years marketers of Arturia conducted a thorough study of customer feedback. Their opinion poll showed that analog drum machine will be the most anticipated product from Arturia. In fact, the desire of the buyer - the law for the producer.

Get you wanted - Arturia DrumBrute!

Arturia Drum Brute

New drum machine, designed by the classics of this sector, made in the best time-tested and generated by a new era traditions. What is remarkable in this device?

Arturia Drum Brute

First of all, it should be noted that the drum machine is very easy in use. Its extremely easy to connect it to other devices. This makes the creative process more free, so - more fun and productive. Moreover, the creative possibilities are expanding by 17 analog sounds, built-in effects and modern step sequencer.

DrumBrute is an excellent tool for creating impressive music. This is - a delightful palette, with whose help you can create a rich composition, filled with a variety of colors and moods.

Manufacturers of this drum machine hope, that the users will feel the same joy, as they felt during the creation of this device. Try it and you will like it!

Arturia has announced start of launching this novelty to the shops in late November - are looking forward!


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