The thread for the spring PS Blue Cable Snare String MC 50   Characteristics: Metal wire with nylon coating Set of 4 pieces Production: United States Color:..
Springs for snare C1416 Springs Concert Series are specially designed for orchestral and concert snare drums. They provide a sensitive response and not damp ..
Black Nylon Snare String Puresound MS50 Features: Black Nylon Snare String Color: Black Length: 1m ..
Spring snare CPB1424 a series of springs "Custom Pro" are characterized by the original end plates significantly reduces the annoying rattling overtones and ..
Springs for snare E1416 A series of "Equalizer" was designed to change the tone of the snare. With no springs in the central part achieved softer natural aco..
Spring snare CPB1420 Series of springs "Custom Pro" are characterized by the original end plates significantly reduces the annoying rattling overtones and al..
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Puresound Percussion was founded in 1995 by Yoav DeBasc, a young auto repair and autobody specialist who also had a passion for the drums. After moving to Los Angeles in the early 1990s, Yoav realized that by combining his love of drumming with his knowledge of metallurgy he would be able to improve the quality of an important but often overlooked part of the snare drum: the snare wires. Using his experience and expertise, Yoav began to formulate special steel alloys and manufacturing processes for a new line of snare wires that would recreate the clarity, sensitivity and tone of classic, American-made snare wires while advancing the state-of-the-art. Through extensive research and development, he discovered that the sound and performance of the snare wires could be modified and enhanced by controlling the alloys, weights and coils.

Today, PureSound snare wires feature the highest quality craftsmanship and components (including their distinctive copper-colored end-clips) and are available in a wide choice of models to fit a wide variety of modern and vintage drumset, concert and marching snare drums— providing the tone, range, sensitivity and durability that have established Puresound as the world’s leading snare wire specialist. In addition, Puresound continues to develop other new technologies to meet the ever-expanding demands of contemporary drummers. Besides their popular snare wires and accessories, Puresound also offers custom quality Ultrasonic snare drums and innovative Speedball® bass drum beaters. Yet, no matter which product you choose and no matter what style of music you play— Puresound remains dedicated to improving the sound and performance of your drums and helping you improve your drumming.

D’Addario acquired PureSound Percussion, the move was announced in tandem with PureSound’s 10th anniversary. “I see the purchase of PureSound as a natural outgrowth of our activities,” said Jim D’Addario, chairman and CEO of D’Addario. “D’Addario is viewed as the world’s authority on alloys and wires for stringed instruments, while for 10 years PureSound has demonstrated consistent growth through a history of solid research and unique products. PureSound’s strong presence among American and international dealers and distributors has made the brand synonymous with aftermarket snares. We expect rapid growth and international expansion from PureSound through D’Addario’s extensive distribution channels.” PureSound manufactures snare strands in a variety of configurations and catalogs a series of tailor-made snare wires for vintage drums. PureSound’s founder Yoav Debasc’s will stay on with D’Addario to work on PureSound’s manufacturing operations.

“I would like to thank the drummers and dealers who have supported us for this exciting decade,” DeBasc said. “I can think of no better home for PureSound than D’Addario & Co. Their market position and metallurgical savvy is unparalleled. And their reputation for relentlessly pursuing new pathways means that PureSound is poised for an exciting future.”