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Roli is a team of people from many disciplines who are creating new music-making devices for the digital age.

The range of hardware and software products has grown since the Seaboard launched in 2013. And everything they make — from NOISE app to Equator software — is designed to let music-makers be more expressive. Their products connect to others in ecosystem and to many outside of it, because they want music creation to be as conveniently seamless as other digitized areas of life. By inventing new, connected tools they are extending the joy of music-making to everyone.


Design process integrates form and function, as they rethink how music devices and software should look and work. While Roli's products are technologically advanced, they are also friendly. They want music-makers of all backgrounds and technical abilities to intuitively understand how interfaces work — and delight in how quickly they can start making music.

Roli design devices to be portable, so that music creation can happen on a train platform as easily as at a desk or in a studio.


At the same site their team creates prototypes of new products, desks for new starts. Seaboards are tactile interfaces that let people physically interact with sound, and they were developed with a hands-on, makers’ mentality. That mentality extends to other products. As they iterate design concepts, they iterate with physical prototypes. They bring the precision craftsmanship of another era to the forefront of digital innovation.

Even as Roli redefine the role of digital technologies in music creation, they craft physical products and work with tangible materials.