RC Strings

It is the result of a long period of investigation to get a set of strings with a new generation "carbon". We call it "dynamic", t..
Strings for classical guitar, strong tension. In this kit, the first string of transparent nylon with the second and third carbon fibers is combined, the bass s..
This set has "Sonata" basses and "Futura" trebles. Great quality and sound. It has been created due to the big demand for "So..
The first and the second strings are black with a "carbon" third. Silverplated basses. The sound is more brilliant. ..
Strings for classical guitar, normal tension. Bass strings are silver-plated, the upper strings are white nylon. By adding these new strings to their assortm..
Strings for the mandolin. The company Royal Classics deeply penetrated into the technical features of the production of strings for mandolin. 1 and 2 coated. St..
Strings for the mandolin. The peculiarity of this model is a high-quality protective covering of 1 and 2 strings. Provide a very clear sound and respond we..
Strings for ukulele baritone. The first and second strings have a titanium coating, the third and fourth - pale. Thanks to high-quality titanium coating these s..
Strings for a Hawaiian guitar baritono. Made of black nylon. Provide a bright sound, perfectly keep the system and have a long service life. Well suited for tho..
This set has been designed in collaboration with Víctor Monge "Serranito".Víctor Monge, «Serranito», is an important flamenc..
Royal Classics Professional Classical Strings High Tension Note Description Inch. E-1st Clear Nylon .028 ..
Royal Classics Futura Classical Strings High Tension note. description inch. E-1st Clear Nylon .028 B-2nd..
The silverplated basses in this set have an especially bright sound thanks to their perfect gauge and high tension. The black trebles are selected to compl..
Set of strings for classical guitar, bass strings with Silver winding (4th, 5th, 6th). 4th string - 2 pcs. ..
Strings for classical guitar, have a strong tension. With the first two white strings and the third black, they have their own character even visually. Since..
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RC Strings

Caprice S.L., is a small company that has been competing with giants for 40 years manufacturing and exporting a product as unique as guitar strings as well as strings for related instruments. Artisan methods join the spirit and desire to offer first class product "Made in Spain". The guitar, that beautiful instrument whose birthplace is Spain, has been immortalized by great players on the five continents. However, it requires an essential complement to sound, the strings. In most countries the strings are sold as mere accessories. However, the best guitar in the world is totally silent without them. Just lately there are "luthiers" claiming recognition on a par with composers and performers; we also demand the recognition of the string as absolutely "essential" and not just an accessory.

It has been "40 years" since the first "RC" string was made. Like everything, it has gone through many stages in terms of machinery, in fact four generations, and manufacturing methods. It started with basic manual machinery, which accredited us as artisans in the Craft Centre of Valencia. A year ago we received a diploma for having served "25 years" as an artisan industry of which we are very pleased and proud. The beginning of any journey is difficult. Making guitar strings has its complications. It requires much research and many hours of testing for something new, something better. Little by little we have incorporated new technological processes to the point of being able to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. It started as a company that was, at that time, a supplier of most Valencian guitar factories. Thereby covering a gap to get guitar strings quickly and easily without the need for importing. Given the proximity of the "RC", practical and convenient solutions facilities were provided. At first our strings were known with the name of the company, Caprice, for a few years "Royal Classics", and most recently "RC strings". From the beginning we have been present at major world music exhibitions of world music with a wide portfolio of international customers and friends. We also collaborate with competitions and festivals, both domestic and foreign. Where there is a class, concert, contest, exhibition, or any event that includes guitar, "RC strings” is usually present. Also noteworthy is the collaboration with “Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia”, a Valencian association that enjoys worldwide recognition. Next year, 2015, it will celebrate its 65th Anniversary. This modest Spanish industry has had, and still has, the support and collaboration of many guitarists and customers, both from home and from beyond our borders. All of them have encouraged and motivated us to develop new products and to continue serving the guitar world. Like any industry, and especially in recent years, we have been subjected to very severe tests that have threatened our vital functions. But here we are 40 years later enjoying the recognition and satisfaction of promoting an international quality product, made in Valencia. Many people have passed through our doors as guitarists, employees, customers, and endless people related to our activity. But what stands out most and remains in our memory is the amount of friends and artists who are committed to our strings. They have become the true ambassadors of "RC Strings" and "Made in Spain" so important for everyone and a source of national pride and satisfaction. We have prepared some activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary, including exhibitions and a major concert, which will be announced later. To definitely consolidate our strategy in this important year, we have created a new dominion. We will now be officially known as “RC Strings”.