Sale of acoustic guitars from Alfabeto and Figure

We are glad to present promotional offers for selected acoustic guitars! Until March 31, buy in "": acoustic guitars of the WG series from Alfabeto and models 206 3TS and 326GR from Figure at discounted prices:

Buy An Acoustic Guitar Figure 206 3TS for 3295 UAH

Acoustic Guitar Figure 206 3TS + Bag

Buy An Acoustic Guitar Figure 326GRB for 3795 UAH

Acoustic Guitar Figure 326GRB + Bag

Buy Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG105 for 3999 UAH

Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG105

Available in Blue and Red Sunburst.

Buy Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG106 for 4399 UAH

Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG106

Available in Natural and Black.

Buy Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG110 for 4995 UAH

Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG110

Available in 3 Tone Sunburst and White.

Buy Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG130 for 5195 UAH

Acoustic Guitars Alfabeto WG130

Available in Coffee and Dark Blue.


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