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André Adams, our founder, started repairing brass instruments in 1970. Music was his hobby, and engineering was his passion. After gaining experience as an instrument maker with various well-known firms throughout Europe, his unique background led to the emergence of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of percussion instruments.

For over our fourty years, the family business of Adams has continued to develop all facets of our instruments. Typical for a family business is their character, commitment, passion and informal atmosphere. Our relationship with musicians suits this perfectly and forms a vital part of our business.

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  • Xylophone Adams Solist XS2LV35

    3,5 oktaves xylophone (F4-C8), octave tuned, rosewood bars 38,5 mm, Voyager frame.

    Instrument Type: Xylophone/ Range: 3,5 octaves/ Scale: F4-C8/ Number of Bars: Not available/ Bars Material: Rosewood
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