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B.B. Blaster

B.B. Blaster

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B.B. Blaster Company was founded by Brian Benton Blaster in 1956 in Truro, Cornwall. His goal was to create high-quality guitar amps. In his youth, he often found himself with a guitar in his hands, accompanying vocalists who were popular in England at that time. Years have gone by, but his dedication to the guitar remained unchanged.

When he decided to found his own guitar amplifier production company, he was faced with the task of selecting the right team. The pivotal day came when he met an experienced electronics engineer Scott Davis, who had worked for the military industry through the World War II years. 

As it turned out, the market has been oversaturated with a number of high-quality, high-cost powerful professional amplifiers designed to play on big stages. However, inexpensive amp lines geared toward the young novice guitarists were not widely available. Brian Blaster and Scott Davis decided to come to the rescue, creating a series of small compact amplifiers that featured low power and an affordable price tag. Naturally, without compromising the quality!

Thus the first heads and cabs under the B.B. Blaster name came to be. Shortly thereafter it became evident that young people very much appreciated the compactness and so the idea of combining the two into a combo amp was conceived. Ever since that day B.B. Blaster has been on their way to success!

From the 60's until the mid-90's B.B. Blaster combo amplifiers were produced in a small factory located in the suburb of Truro. Changing times prompted the move of production facilities to China, however to this day all research and development is still completed in England with quality control functions carried out by B.B. Blaster`s experienced engineers.

  • B.B. BLASTER BB-10 Bass Combo

    Combo amplifier for bass guitars. Power of 10 watts. 3-band EQ. Headphones output.

    Intend for: Bass Guitars/ Circuit Design: Transistor/ Power, W: 10 W/ Number of Channels: 1/ Frequency Response: Not available
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