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Robert Bosch GmbH or Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the world's largest supplier of automotive components measured by 2011 revenues. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.

Bosch's core products are automotive components (including brakes, controls, electrical drives, electronics, fuel systems, generators, starter motors and steering systems), industrial products (including drives and controls, packaging technology and consumer goods) and building products (including household appliances, power tools, security systems and thermotechnology).

Bosch comprises more than 350 subsidiary companies. In addition to automotive components, which generate around 60% of its revenues, Bosch produces industrial machinery and hand tools.

Although most of the company's plants and employees are located in Germany (112,300 employees), Bosch is a worldwide company.

In North America, Robert Bosch LLC (a wholly owned Bosch subsidiary) has corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, MI. Three Research Technology Centers are located in Pittsburgh, PA, Palo Alto, CA and Cambridge, MA. Factories and distribution facilities are located in Mt. Prospect, Illinois; Hoffman Estates, Illinois; Broadview, Illinois; Kentwood, Michigan; Waltham, Massachusetts; Clarksville, Tennessee; Anderson, South Carolina; Charleston, South Carolina; South Bend, Indiana (to close 2011); and 11 other cities. There are also two corporate sites in Brazil and ten in Mexico where a central purchasing office for all divisions of Bosch Group is located in Broadview, Illinois. In North America, Bosch employs about 24,750 people in 80 locations, generating $8.8 billion in sales in 2006.

In May 2015, Bosch Security Systems opened its newly-constructed distribution center in Greer, South Carolina. The distribution center adds more than 50 new associates in the state and will receive, store and ship more than 50,000 different products for video surveillance, intrusion and fire detection, access control and management systems and professional audio and conference systems.

There are other wholly owned Bosch subsidiaries in:

India (26,000) Brazil (14,190) China (12,370) France (9,720 including 70 long term/ short term assignees[13] ) Czech Republic (8,690) Japan (8,130) Spain (7,950) Turkey (7,000 employees in Bursa and Istanbul, 500 in Manisa) Hungary (6,280) Italy (5,160) United Kingdom (4,920) Portugal (3,940) Romania Netherlands (4,000)[14] Switzerland (2,780) Australia (2,300) Malaysia (2,220) Austria (2,140) Belgium (2,040) South Korea (2,000) Russia (1,730) Poland (1,640) Sweden (1,230) South Africa (1,010) Viet Nam (1,000) Tunisia (770) and other countries. Bosch employs over 290,183 people in more than 50 countries, supplying a complex distribution network of new products and parts.

Bosch entered India in 1922, when Illies & Company set up a sales office in Calcutta. For three decades, the company operated in the Indian market only through imports. In 1951, Bosch set up its first manufacturing plant in India.

Currently, Bosch India has a turnover of over $2 billion and over 26000 employees spread across 10 locations and 7 application development centers. 84% of Bosch India revenues come from its automotive business, with the remaining 16% split between its non-automotive businesses that include packaging, energy and building solutions, power tools and consumer retail. Bosch also has an R&D facility in Bangalore, India. This is Bosch's largest R&D facility outside its home market of Germany. In September 2014, Bosch announced the launch of a locally-developed eye-care solution in India. The company’s new eye screening and detection system offers a combination of hardware and software and provides affordable eye care.

Bosch India is listed on the Indian stock exchanges and has a market capitalization of over $12 billion.

  • Server software to manage the calls and background music with remote PC Bosch PRS-SWCS

    Server software to control calls and music from remote PC, the license for one controller PRS-NCO-B.

    27 939
  • The license for one additional controller PRS-NCO-B to server PRS-SWCS

    The license for one additional controller PRS-NCO-B to server PRS-SWCS.

    13 989
  • BY TUI Bosch PRS-TIC-E

    Software to TUI, is used in conjunction with server software PRS-SWCS.

    13 989
  • Hand microphone alert Bosch LBB9081/00

    Hand microphone alert Bosch LBB9081/00.

    1 394
  • Alerts microphone on a flexible stem Bosch LBB9082/00

    Alerts microphone on a flexible stem.

    2 871
  • Call Stacker Bosch PRS-CRF

    Call Stacker Bosch PRS-CRF - compact unit with mounting clamp, provides a recording and playback function for up to 8 simultaneous calls for previously occupied zones or for pre-broadcast monitoring, can store up to 16 calls, powered from Praesideo network.

    56 684
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-1P500

    Power amplifier 1 X 500 W

    77 576
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-2P250

    Power amplifier 2 X 250 W

    68 650
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-4P125

    Power amplifier 4 x 125 W

    75 370
  • Power Amplifier Bosch LBB4428/00

    Power amplifier, 8x60 Watt

    80 340
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-1B500

    Basic amplifier 1 X 500 W

    31 492
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-2B250

    Basic amplifier, 2 X 250 W

    40 093
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-4B125

    Basic amplifier 4 X 125 W

    45 835
  • Power Amplifier Bosch PRS-8B060

    Basic amplifier 8 X 60 W

    48 693
  • For upravleniya challenges and

    For upravleniya challenges and with del. PC, ispolzuetsya in conjunction with the server software PRS-SWCS.

    13 989
  • Software for configuration/diagnostics the Praesideo system

    Software for configuration/diagnostics the Praesideo system and to transfer files from PC to the system.

    1 479
  • Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LBC 3492/12

    Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LBC 3492/12, 20 W, 100 W, 30 W maximum power, switching 20/10/5 watt rated input voltage of 100 V, rated impedance of 500 ohms, connect 4-wire cable length of 2 m, diam of the aperture 354 mm, total length 332 mm, weight 2.65 kg, colors: light gray.

    3 876
  • Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LBC 3493/12

    Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LBC 3493/12, the maximum power of 30 W, the switching capacity of 20/10/5 W, the rated input voltage of 100 V, rated impedance of 500 ohms, connection: 4-wire cable of 2 m length, aperture diam of 354 mm, total length 332 mm, weight 2.65 kg, colors: light gray.

    4 450
  • Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LH1-10M10E

    Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LH1-10M10E, power - 10 W, rated voltage - 100V, Dimensions (L x D) (213 x 186) x 310 mm, color: light gray (RAL 7035) Material (horn / back cover) aluminum / ABS, cable diameter of 6 mm - 12 mm.

    2 734
  • Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LH1-UC30E

    Horn Loudspeaker Bosch LH1-UC30E, nominal power 30/15 / 7.5 / 3.75 W, maximum power of 45 watts, Bx. voltage / impedance of 100 V / 333 Ohm, material - plastic ABS, color - light gray (RAL7035), temperature range 25° C +55° C, dimensions: 260 (H) x 442 (W) x 287.5 (H ) mm, weight - 5.0 kg.

    7 063
  • Ceiling Loudspeaker Bosch LC2-PC60G6-10

    Premium‑sound Subwoofer Ceiling Loudspeaker LC2-PC60G6-10, 60 W, 10 ", 8 Ohm / 100 V, bass reflex, protection of.

    8 246
  • Acoustic system Bosch LS1-OC100E-1

    Hemi-directional loudspeaker Bosch LS1-OC100E-1, 100 W, high-impact ABS enclosure, metal grille, suspended mounted for large areas/high-ceilings, self-restoring tweeter overload protection, chlorine resistant, water and dust protected IP 42, white/silver finish.

    57 199
  • Sound Projector Bosch LBC3941/11

    Sound projector Bosch LBC3941/11, 6 W, white ABS enclosure, wide opening angle, water and dust protected IP65, fixed 2 m connection cable.

    1 623
  • Sound Projector Bosch LBC3094/15

    Sound projector Bosch LBC3094/15, 10 W, white ABS enclosure, water and dust protected IP63, fixed 2 m connection cable.

    2 550
  • Sound Loudspeaker Bosch LBC3095/15

    Pendant sphere Bosch LBC3095/15,10 W, white ABS enclosure, wide opening angle, water and dust protected IP63, fixed 5 m connection cable, cable clamp, and ceiling cover included.

    3 154
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