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Locate in Shenzhen, the center of the world electronic development and production, Cherry Music is dedicated to the research and development of high quality digital musical products. Our current product range includes tuners, metronomes, metro - tuners, pedals as well as different kinds of led lights and cables. And now, guitar stands, music stands are available! We aim at providing the best tools to amateurs and professionals, your needs and your requirements will always be put in the first place! As a young, passionate, creative and motivated team, we firmly hold the belief that quality is the key to success. Indeed, this faith will always be our guide which leads us to be better and best! From design, research and development to production, sales, and ser vice,we are in pursuit of a way to satisfy your needs and offer you support as much as we can.We warmly invite you to work with us to e xperience the quality and passion that Cherry music and our products provide!

  • The lamp on the "goose neck" CHERRY Music light CL-02SB

    The lamp, gooseneck, USB connector

  • The lamp on the "goose neck" CHERRY CL-002 lights all surfaces

    LED illuminator. 2 LED head (the 1st LED on each) on flexible holders with individual switches. Possibility of mounting clip or mounting on a flat surface. Powered by three AAA batteries or by USB (cable and batteries included). Black color. Applications: backlit music, backlit countertops, lighting the board pedals guitar, etc.

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