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CME is a digital musical instrument (DMI) brand originally owned by Central Music Co in Beijing, established by Mr Zhao Yitian and his partners in 1993. Since 2005, CME products have been distributed worldwide in 56 countries. Apart from CME products, Central Music Co also distributes professional audio systems and DMI from other countries in the Chinese market.

CME is one of the top professional DMI brands in China and is highly reputed in the global music production industry. It has famous musicians as its endorsers. In early 2012, the CME board decided to spinoff a company to focus on their mobile DMI product line and further expand into the international market. The plan was to incorporate a company in Singapore and transfer the CME product line business, including the brand, product ownerships and intellectual properties, from Central Music Co to the new company CME Pte. Ltd.

This was incorporated in Singapore in July 2012. Currently, CME’s headquarters is located in Singapore with representatives in Beijing (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Hamamasu (Japan), Martigues (France), Pesaro (Italy) and Vancouver (Canada).

The executive team, drawn from digital musical instrument, IT and CE multinational companies, has extensive experience in product development, manufacturing, supply chain and quality management. CME shall continue to uphold the spirit of “Always One Step Ahead” and provide customers with innovative musical instrument products and services.

  • MIDI Keyboard CME M-Key

    49 notes ultra thin full action semi-weighted keyboard, velocity sensitive. Programmable Joystick. Function button, 2xData entry button, Slider (assignable), Power LED. USB port, MIDI out, 2xPedal connect. USB MIDI, class-compliant with Windows 7 32 bit/Vista/XP and Mac OS X. Firmware upgraded via USB. Universal pedal connector, full compatible with switch and expression pedal. Note-key shortcut function.

    Type Keyboard: Dynamic/ Action: Semi-weighted/ Key Size: Full Size/ Number of Keys: 49 (4 Octaves)/ Faders: 1
    1 611
    3 222
  • White
    MIDI Keyboard CME U-Key

    Midi-keyboard U-key White, ultra-thin semi-weighted MIDI keyboard, 49 keys, an 8 x programmable trigger pads, 8 x programmable controllers rotation 1 x encoder for data entry, 'PadStyle' assistant MIDI styles and compositions, multi frets and scale for games in oriental style, MIDI functions including transport sequencer templates for monitoring software with the ability to save settings, USB MIDI, compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X.

    Type Keyboard: Dynamic/ Action: Semi-weighted/ Key Size: Full Size/ Number of Keys: 49 (4 Octaves)/ Faders: No
    5 653
  • Midi-keyboard Cme XKEY

    Midi-keyboard ultra-thin, 25 keys, USB MIDI, compatible with PC / Mac / iOS / Android, polyphonic aftertouch and the sensitivity of velocity, key pitch with high resolution and sensitivity to depression, key modulation snepreryvnymi MIDI control data, keys "Octave + / - "and" Sustain ", bus-powered USB, the ability to update the firmware for USB, USB-microUSB cable included

    Type Keyboard: Dynamic/ Action: Non-weighted/ Key Size: Full Size/ Number of Keys: 25 (2 Octaves)/ Faders: No
    3 850
  • MIDI Keyboard CME Xkey 37

    37 full-size keys (3 octaves). 100% MIDI compliant. Polyphonic aftertouch. Octave +/- push buttons. Sustain button. USB Powered (no external power supply needed). Dimensions: 553x135x16 mm. Weight: only 880 g.

    Type Keyboard: Dynamic with Aftertouch/ Action: Not available/ Key Size: Full Size/ Number of Keys: 37 (3 Octaves)/ Faders: No
    6 545
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