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The concept behind Rocktron has always been to deliver quality sound to the guitar player through exciting and often very innovating products. Many of the Rocktron products seek to marry a vintage style to modern technology and bear the mark of actual longtime musicians who understand and appreciate the needs of guitar players and then design and develop products accordingly.

Rocktron launched in 1983 when founder, Bob Waller, along with co-hort Jim Chowning and others stepped back from a long musical career that included stints on the Hollywood club circuit and the Detroit to Toronto circuit. Using their background from years of club and concert appearances with their rock bands (The Blame, and originally Wildwood), the boys decided to launch a company aimed at producing top quality signal processing, amplification and effects.

Rocktron’s first hit product was the HUSH® noise reduction lineup. The HUSH technology was the first single-ended noise reduction designed specifically for guitar. Over twenty years later, HUSH stands as the industry standard and has been used by an amazing plethora of guitar greats spanning 80s rockers to today’s extreme metal. To list the famous users of this outstanding noise reduction technology would require pages and pages of names.

In fact, over the years Rocktron products of all types have been used by professional guitarists. A small sampling of those include Dave Mustaine, Brian May, Diamond Darrell, George Lynch, Prince, Neil Schon, Slash, Steve Stevens, Eddie Van Halen, John Petrucci, Viv Campbell, Steve Vai, Gary Moore, Gary Hoey. The list of bands that have used Rocktron products include Disturbed, Lamb of God, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Papa Roach, Black Sabbath, Queen, Taproot, Pearl Jam, U2, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, and the Deftones. Again, this is just a small sampling of the long list of professionals who have taken Rocktron products on the road and into the studio.

Innovation is often the name of the game, and Rocktron has a history of many “firsts”.
In 1984 the company introduced the first compressors, preamps, enhancers, effects and controllers with built-in noise reduction, along with the first footswitchable rack mount compressors. 1985 saw the introduction of the first touch-sensitive, digitally-controlled multi-effects preamp. In ’89 Rocktron provided the first factory-produced Bradshaw switchers.

Innovation continued into the 1990s as Rocktron became the first ever electronics company to bring to market preamps that included Artist presets as the ProGap provided presets from Steve Lukather and Allan Holdsworth. In ’92 we introduced the first 24 bit DSP effects processor with the Intellifex. This was followed by the first preamps with on-board speaker simulation, the first DSP processor based on analog stomp box sounds, the first digital effects processors with no annoying “drop-outs”, and the first digital noise reduction. We also brought to market the first power amps with “reactance” and definition.

What followed was a stunning array of products that have lasting fame in the industry. Just a few of these famous mind blowers include the Piranha, the VooDu Valve, the Chameleon, the Velocity power amps, the Replifex, the PatchMate, and the All Access. While some of these are still manufactured today, those that are not are sought after on the vintage markets. Some long discontinued items are still craved by guitar players and snapped up on re-sale web sites.

Today we continue the progress with exciting products such as the Banshee 2 Talk Box, the Widowmaker and ValveSonic preamps, the Velocity 100 LTD power amp, the Rocktron PowerTap pedal board power supply, and finally the MIDI Raider MIDI controller.

In the year 2000, Rocktron was sold to GHS Corporation, famous for its GHS Strings (including Boomers).

The move was a short one, a mere 100 miles from the northern suburbs of Detroit to Battle Creek, Michigan. Bob Waller remains the division President/General Manager and thus the brand is still under the care and guidance of an original founder. Jim Chowning continues to serve music retailers in both technical support and sales roles.

The design and development aspects continue to come from Michigan. Key engineering moved with the company as it folded into the GHS umbrella and Rocktron remains a brand developed and designed by American musicians. Product is now cost-effectively manufactured offshore under strict Rocktron requirements.
We know guitar players of all types will continue to choose Rocktron for their tone, effects and control needs. We strive to further push the tremendous range of products that will enhance and enrich your lives. We understand that Rocktron users are often loyal to the brand, using multiple Rocktron items in their live and studio setups, and they proudly let others know their allegiance to the world’s best brand of electronics for guitarists.

We love what we do here, and it shows in our product offerings. Part sonic "black magic," part electronic innovation and technology, Rocktron will continue to please you with great sound.

  • Guitar effects pedal ROCKTRON Sonic Glory Overdrive

    Main features Rocktron Sonic Glory Overdrive: guitar pedal overdrive, TONE adjustment, GAIN, LEVEL, TONE extended adjustment provides a wide range of sounds, robust and reliable metal construction, easy access to the battery.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Overdrive
    1 906
    2 723
  • Guitar effects pedal Rocktron Austin Gold Pedal

    Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive Pedal dishes out a superb blend of light overdrives that enhance the sound of your amp without changing it.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Overdrive
    2 030
    2 901
  • Guitar effects pedal Rocktron Deep Blue Chorus

    Rocktron Deep Blue Chorus - polyphonic chorus effect pedal with true analog warm sound.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Chorus
    1 906
    2 723
  • Guitar effects pedal Rocktron Pulse Tremolo

    Smooth, non-symmetrical signal modulation via a photo-resistor delivers vintage-style tube-amp tremolo you can control with Speed and Intensity knobs. Pulse is controlled by an LFO. A switch provides triangle or square LFO pulse modulation waveforms.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Tremolo
    2 157
    3 082
  • Guitar effects pedal Rocktron Vertigo Rotating Vibe

    Use the Vertigo Vibe to take a trip down psychedelic lane, creating awesome, dizzying effects a la Hendrix and Trower. Rate, depth, and output controls let you shape the vibe. As a bonus, the Vertigo captures that rotating Leslie speaker effect.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Phaser
    2 538
    3 627
  • Guitar effects pedal ROCKTRON Black Cat Moan

    Wah-Wah pedal. Specifications: MOAN mode allows you to get a unique sound of classical instruments with germanium elements, SCRATCH mode - unique dynamic distortion, can be used as a normal distortion, adjustable pressing the pedal.

    Device type: Analog/ Intended for: Electric Guitar/ Device Type: Guitar Pedal/ Number of effects: 1/ Effect Type: Distortion
    2 919
    4 170
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