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Technolight is a full service manufacturing company that supplies electroluminescent lighting products to customers on a worldwide basis. Technomark is an acknowledged leader and innovator in EL lighting having demonstrated company growth through technology, equipment investment, and a dedication to research and development. Technomark applies the latest technologies to our design and manufacturing process with AutoCAD engineering, laser cutting equipment, and proprietary ink formulations and printing techniques.

Specializing in custom designs and now offering a full line of standard products, the Technolight electroluminescent (EL) product line offers new opportunities to incorporate cool, thin, uniform panels of light into a wide variety of advertising applications. Technomark’s patented EL technology allows for large illuminated areas; selective printing of EL on a given substrate, and the most robust and durable EL light in the business. Our standard product line allows for signage applications using the EL backlight system of standard shapes and sizes which can be “tiled” together to accommodate all types of signage configurations. This standard product offering makes backlighting sign applications easy and affordable.

Unlike other manufacturers, at Technomark we possess operations experience in a printing center with the highest level of quality. Our employees are well versed in all aspects of EL lighting design, production, and testing. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively creating backlighting solutions for customers all over the world. In addition, Technomark has extensive experience with EL design and creation, having been involved in the production and implementation of over 10 million square inches of EL lighting product.

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