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Guitar Tuner - a device used to tune your guitar. With it, you can see exactly what the note gives each string of your guitar. Typically, such tuners have a several kinds of settings. To set up an electric guitar, you connect it via cable to the connector on the tuner. Check the sound of each string. The display will show the note to which the string is set. Indication arrows and LED tuner will be signaled deviation from accurate sound. When fine-tuning guitar tuner through this arrow should be placed in the center and the green LED will light. This device is suitable for acoustic guitars, as well as for electric guitars.

Tuners pedal to tune the guitar made like effects pedals. It is placed on the pedal board, including in the effects chain. The principle of operation is similar to a portable guitar tuner. Connecting an electric guitar, we pull the right string and look at the evidence. LED`s indicate the deviation from the norm, and you can see what the note sounds. The advantage of this type is the ability to tune the instrument at any convenient point in the speech.

Metronome - device that makes audible the rhythm. Metronome used for training on any musical instruments. 

Mechanical metronome pendulum is equipped with which counted the selected musical rhythm. This is great for a musician who has the ability, not looking up from playing a musical instrument, to monitor the observance of view of musical size. Besides the mechanical metronome produces a characteristic mechanical mouse that is familiar and understandable to every musician, so these metronomes can be used in training novice performers and the real professionals.

Electronic metronomes appeared relatively recently, but already had time to catch the fancy of many musicians, even though a special love for them nourish performers who play in the power tools. There are also hybrid models with built-in tuner, which is indispensable in the tincture of musical instruments.

Regardless of its kind metronomes used to monitor the quality of the game and self-discipline. During the execution of the quality control necessary to monitor not only the purity of sound, but also for his rhythm, which quite difficult to identify by ear. Therefore, if you do not use the metronome while learning to play a musical instrument you can not see the error permitted in the rhythm and continue to fix their mistakes. Particular attention should be given to those notes that coincide with the beat of the metronome and maximize synchrony in their sound.

By using the metronome, you can quantify the speed of the game and achieve the set tempo, because without it, to assess the results of this work very difficult. Therefore, the metronome can be called a great tool of self-control, as well as a source of discipline musician or artist.

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