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  • Article: 41-2-1-1 Brand: Hora
    Domra Hora Prima M-1084

    Domra 4 string. Solid wood, spruce. Fretboard - Rosewood. Flush wood inlay on the upper deck.
    Recommended for music schools.

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Domra - Slavic folk string instrument played by picking. Domra body has a hemispherical shape. Domra consists of a fingerboard with pegs at the top and from the wooden body with a shield on the bottom. Neck is inserted into the housing and secured therein. On top of the neck is glued pad, at the junction of the head with the neck attached to the nut vulture. On the cover, apply a thin cross-cuts, which are inserted in the metal sills. The body consisting of seven pices made of maple or rosewood. 

Today domra - a young, newly opened for musicians tool with great potential.

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