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  • Article: 41-5-1-2 Brand: Hora
    Hora Hammered Dulcimer

    Dulcimer, ethnic stringed instrument, common in Greece, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Belarus. The wide upper deck with strained strings, the sound is extracted by means of hooks and hammers. It is used in folk and academic music.

    20 387
  • Article: 41-4-1-1 Brand: Hora
    Gusli Hora Melody harp

    25 musical harp for the development of children's creativity, schematic sheet in the kit. Have crystal clean and transparent sound. The compact and pleasant for the child to learn.

    1 579
  • Article: dulcimerbelorussian Brand: Trembita
    Dulcimer Trembita "Belorussian"

    Dulcimer with alloy frame

    57 000
  • Article: dulcimerukranian Brand: Trembita
    Dulcimer Trembita "Ukrainian"

    Dulcimer with alloy frame

    114 000
  • Article: 41-5-1-1 Brand: Hora
    Dulcimer Hora Concert Cimbalom

    Concert dulcimers. Wood, 29 rows of strings, 5 types of section, Scale length: 680-700 mm.

    213 948

Cymbala - a stringed percussion instrument trapezoidal shape with strained strings. The sound is taken blows two wooden sticks or mallets with flared at the ends of the blades. Distributed in the Eastern European countries, such as Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. A similar tool is found in China, India and other Asian countries.

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