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One of the most popular musical instrument is the guitar.

It refers to stringed musical instrument. It can be used as an accompanying and solo instrument in many music styles and directions. In the second half of the XX century it was invented electric guitar, has had a huge impact on the individual development of popular music. The range of online store - is a full range of guitars: classical guitars, classical guitar with a pickup, acoustic guitar, electro-acoustic guitar, and, finally, electric guitars and bass guitars.

In uou can not just buy a guitar, but also provide it with all necessary accessories and equipment! The basic element here is amplifying, which includes combos, heads and cabinets. But no less important are the guitar and bass guitar pedals and effects processors, which transform the sound of your instrument and make it exactly the way you want to hear it!

Also here you will find a huge range of accessories for guitars: guitar strings, cables, bags and cases, stands, picks, pedalboards, pickups, capo, sliders, and many others.

In this section you can buy musical instruments of the following companies: LAG, Fernandes, Bespeco, EBS, Source Audio, DR, Hora, Carlsbro, Hiwatt, Vintage, Techra, Galli, Black Diamond, Super Sensitive, Encore, Jimi Hendrix, D`orazio , Eagle Mountain, Guitar Tech, Yonika, Eno, D`andrea, Yamaha, BC Rich, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, Korg, EMG, and many others.

You can order and buy the guitar right here and now, we will deliver your guitar in any city in Ukraine. Delivery guitars in Ukraine free.

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