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Some history…

The guitar is one of the most popular stringed musical instruments. Its first prototype was created in the second millennium BC in ancient Babylon, and in appearance resembled a harp. The modern version of the guitar appeared in Spain thanks to the efforts of Antonio Torres. Guitar used as accompanying instrument as well as solo. The range of styles is quite wide - from rock and metal to flamenco, jazz and country music. An invaluable contribution to the popularization of this instrument introduced Jimi Hendrix, which is considered the most famous guitarist of the new time.

Guitars, to buy a guitar in Kiev - Musician

Why it is convenient to buy a guitar from us?

There are several types of guitar - Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Electric Acoustic and Midi guitar. You can buy any of these options in our online store Musician.UA. The sound of an acoustic guitar is formed by the vibration of strings, enhanced by resonance of the body. Classical guitar as a kind of Acoustic guitar was developed back in the nineteenth century. It was a 6-string instrument with 19 frets. Seven-string "Russian" guitar is similar in design features. Electric Acoustic guitars differ from the Acoustic guitars by a piezo pickup, transforming vibrations of the strings into an electrical signal.

In 1931, George Delmetia Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker created an Electric guitar with a metal body. It has had a huge impact on pop culture of the 20th century. In the 50s of the last century appeared first Electric guitar with wooden body and magnetic pickup. It is very simple to buy a guitar in Ukraine. In our online store you can buy all the necessary accessories, our workshop are at your disposal to carry out repairs on any guitar.

What is it?

The guitar consists of two main elements - the body composed of the Top, Back, Sides and neck. Top has an important role in the formation of sound; typically it is made of Cedar or Spruce. Guitar strings are nylon and metal. Prices on guitars generally range from 1,000 up to 100,000 UAH and more. Please note, that at Musician.UA you can order 1/2 and 3 guitars, which are intended for the children.

To order guitar, please call +38 (044) 592 78 55. Also you can use the option of call back. We offer a wide range of international and Ukrainian brands in any price range that will surprise even the most demanding musicians. Classical, Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitars of famous brands, Yamaha, Lag, Cort - all this you can find in our catalog. Our regular discounts and sellouts will make your purchases even more attractive.

"Musician" offers affordable guitars all over Ukraine

It is very profitable to buy guitars at our webstore Musician.UA and Musician shops. We deliver goods to any city in Ukraine via any convenient for you postal company. Delivery of the goods worth over UAH 1000 is free of charge. The guitar will be your friend. It does not matter whether you are an amateur musician or have a professional education - the instrument will change your life forever.

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