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If you or your child want to play the keyboards and learn it, you are welcome to this section! Here you'll find pianos, digital pianos, digital organs. Widest range of tools from different manufacturers!

Piano - is a type keyboards musical instrument, in which the frame with strings, soundboard and the internal mechanics of the instrument are arranged vertically. This design allows you to make the piano more compact, suitable for small spaces and to simplify transportation of the instrument. This is one of the most popular musical instruments, it can be found everywhere: in kindergartens, schools, music schools, schools, etc. Piano is excellent for training classical pianist.

Grand piano - a kind of piano, in which the frame with strings, soundboard and the internal mechanics of the instrument are arranged horizontally. Suitable for venues, respectable suburban villas and huge apartments. It features a beautiful and powerful sound, as it has a large area and resonating zvukootdachi and attractive appearance.

Digital pianos - a kind of synthesizer that emulates the sound and feelings of playing on the real piano or a grand piano. Hammer keyboard fully emulates the keyboard of the piano (kick, rebound, pressing force, etc.). Great for beginner pianists thanks to its compact size, the ability to play in the headphones and store the tool where you want.

Organ - keyboard wind instrument. Its first prototypes were made in ancient Greece. They had several tubes attached to one another, the sound of which was removed by blowing air into them. From the 7th century organ playing began to sound during church services. Organ pipes has two types: reed and labial. The first sound is generated using the vibrations of a brass tongue. The labial - by passing air through a "lip", located at both ends of the tubes. Various instruments are between 3 to 33 thousands of tubes. Picking occurs by pumping air in them by means of bellows. As the registers are used in the body levers and pedals. The keys of the instrument have the same appearance as a piano. That's just they are located in several rows, whose number sometimes reaches up to five.

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