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What is interesting in the synthesizer?

Electronic music - a part of life of today's youth. To understand it is not necessary to have a specialized education. On the contrary, interest in music stimulates many people to studying of musical theory. But now is not about that.

Listening to modern music causes a feeling, that not only the professional musicians need in synthesizers, but also all other people. Perhaps, if all the synthesizers will be destroyed, someone will invent them again.

Synthesizer, buy in Kiev - Musician

Nowadays buy a synthesizer is a snap. They are quite popular among users. But not every player knows the history of this instrument. Do you know when and how have appeared the first synthesizers? Find out more is possible at Musician.UA.

It is thought before BC

The ancestor of the synthesizer appeared approximately in the III century BC. Its inventor was the Greek Ktesiby. It was he who invented the world's first pipe organ. In turn, the technologies and the modernization of pipe organs led to the creation of the modern synthesizer.

Wait a minute... What is the relationship between the prehistoric pipe organ and the digital synthesizer?

First you need to figure out what is the synthesizer. According to its concept, synthesizer - it is not just an electronic device that contains the "voices" of the whole orchestra. Synthesizer delivers sound synthesis. Thanks to this, each "voice" can acquire fundamentally different characteristics of the sound.

Most musicologists consider that first synthesizers appeared long before the invention of electricity. An example is a complex register of medieval pipe organs. First time, synthesizing effect was achieved by adding several additional pipes to main pipe. In those days, these instruments cost incredible money. Now everyone can buy a synthesizer.

"The search" of modern synthesizer began in the late XIX century. For example, in 1897 the American researcher Thaddeus Cahill decided to set up a telephone Philharmonic. This idea has "provoked" the invention of the electric organ. But since this "miracle of technology" had the weight of 200 tons, about the convenience of transportation could be no question. This organ was connected to the 145 dynamos. For organ transportation in New York for a show concert had to use 30 wagons. Now it is difficult (and scary) imagine, how much can cost the rider of such a keyboardist!

This giant instrument "thought" as an accessory, as a certain addition to the telegraph. The inventor wanted to broadcast the organ music to all places of the world. Therefore heavyweight synthesizer called telharmonium. Unfortunately, due to size and cost of the instrument, it did not acquire popularity. In addition, those wishing to listen to classical music via the phone turned out to be not so many.

The first popular synthesizer was established in 1920. Its inventor was the 24-year-old Russian scientist Lev Termen. Simple design includes antennas, but do not have the keys. To manage the sound is possible non-contact, but necessarily in the area sensitivity of the antennas. This strange instrument called Termenvox. Specific sound has interested the musicians and the instrument has received the demand, which is observed to this day.

But progress is not stopped at this strange instrument. Scientists and musicians continued their search. The war significantly contributed to this process. It caused the rapid development in the field of electronics and the electromagnetic physics. These discoveries have allowed to reduce the size and cost of the synthesizers. Usability and accessibility of these instruments have made them popular among the players.

In the last century appeared a lot of music styles, the "heart" of which became a synthesizer. Later appeared the digital synthesizers, which are greatly expanded the possibilities of musicians. Nowadays there is a wide range of different kinds of synthesizers. In order to make the right choice, you will need information about principle of action, types, sound features and so on. You can choose an appropriate synthesizer at Musician.UA.

How and where to buy a synthesizer in Ukraine?

Today it is not a problem. Prices become reasonable, and the distances are no longer an issue. Musician store provides high-quality online service. If there is no our branch in your city or you do not have time to visit it - welcome to Musician.UA, please. Here you will get a professional advice and can make your order right from your home. Delivery is carried out all around the territory of Ukraine. Now, thanks to the Musician store, it is easy to buy a synthesizer in Kiev. Treat yourself by the best instrument! Musician will help you!

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