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An essential element of any nightclubs and concert halls are lighting equipment. It is what makes the club so attractive for visitors. 

Strobe - creates the effect of jerky movements of people on the dance floor, and called "flash effect".

Mirror Ball - a classic dance floor device. We have a selection of mirrored disco balls, motors and drives for them.

Spotlights can be highly directional, scattered, with automatic change of colors, with one color filter, with multiple color filters, specialized, or follower.

Lasers - used in nightclubs, can create light beams of three colors: green, red, blue. There are models of laser systems that create rays of two or three colors. 

Ultraviolet lamps - can emphasize the unusual atmosphere of the nightclub. Because ultraviolet light bright clothing appear white. Fabulously look walls and decor establishments, traced with a special paint that occurs under ultraviolet light.

Halogen lamps - lighting devices, the main elements of which are halogen lamps, referring to the number of heat sources of light emission spectrum which is close to the spectrum of white-yellow light, a color temperature of about 3000 K. They have an intense luminous flux, compared to traditional incandescent lamps, higher energy efficiency and high color rendering index (100 Ra).

There is also a light devices for night clubs often include special effects generators, as the use of devices of this type can qualitatively transform the atmosphere in the room. Generators effects - this is the machine with which the effects are created on the basis of smoke, fire, confetti, foam, bubbles, snow and vapor.

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