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Using of lighting devices for different kinds of events raises a few questions to the organizers. Light control can be realized by means of manipulation or gaffer, or without his participation. Light control gaffer can make both directly and through the control system. Such a control system here can be remote by a control switcher, dimmer. 

The DMX512 supporting the work with 512 channels. First, this protocol has been designed to control dimmers, that's why there is a question of 512 dimmer channels. The dimmer each channel is responsible for adjusting the brightness. Data on the DMX512 protocol is carried out sequentially on a single cable. That is why the devices are connected to the control panel in sequence. DMX512 protocol is limited - each transmitter signal, ie the control panel, can not manage more than 32 devices in series. To make the management of more than 32 devices, you need a splitter DMX, with one input multiple outputs, each of which can hold up to 32 devices.

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