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Drumsticks and brushes used to play percussion instruments (drums).

Usually, drum sticks are made of wood, but there are also models made entirely or partially of synthetic material - polyurethane, and carbon.

Drumsticks with cylindrical shape heads have a greater contact area with the surface of tools and provide a more open and diffuse sound. Pointed head are the most popular. It gives an average of the focus sound. Nylon heads are quite popular, as virtually no wear and give a crystal, a distinct sound. The main disadvantage of nylon heads is their most expensive then drumsticks with wood heads as they can fly off the stick during a game or, crack easily. 

The thickness of the rods of drumstick affects the sound. All brands use the same numbering system.

7A - thin and light. They betray the drums more orchestral sound, but rarely used for playing rudiments (for this fit thicker sticks). This format is used sticks novice drummers playing in a jazz style.
5A - thicker than 7A. They are well suited for hard rock and heavy metll. These sticks are quite universal and suitable for any style.
5B - thick sticks. Often they used to play in rock style.
2B - extra thick stick format. Used to play the style of heavy metll.
To play for orchestral drums and other percussion instruments, used special sticks with an enlarged head.

In jazz, blues and swing is common to use a brush. Twig on the drum brush can be metal or plastic, and the handle is usually - wood or aluminum with a rubber or plastic coating. Brushes are retractable, then the length protruding from the handle of the fan sticks can be adjusted: to make them shorter and more rigid, or remove altogether, to ensure the safety of them after the game. From the opposite end of this brush sticks has a metal rod bent into a loop to form a ring or a triangle. Brushes give the drums a more elegant, crisp, "polite" sound than sticks.

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