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Drum kit. For those who need the beat

Perhaps you read a novel by the German writer Günter Grass "The Tin Drum" or seen the movie. The main character never parted with his drum, despite the historical and personal complexities. Or else - crime comedy "Sound of Noise", where the percussionists put on concerts in the most inappropriate places. Their instruments - items that are the first to fall under the arm. In the psychological drama by American director Damien Chazelle you can enjoy the "obsession" with drums of Niemann. And not only. It is difficult to imagine modern jazz, rock or pop music without drums. Let's take a closer look, what is this outlandish instrument. Briefly about the main at Musician.UA.

Drum set buy in Kiev - Musician

Why so many drums in one drum kit?!

Beat. Probably, this sound was one of the first, been heard by primitive man. Today there are many different kinds of percussion instruments. Quite a long time various types of drums, cymbals and other percussion exist separately from each other. Until the twentieth century you do not find parties of drum kit in the scores by famous composers. The world of music in many respects was changed by jazz.

The modern drum kit formed gradually all over the last century. Apparently, the first version of the drum kit was an American. Her "grandparent" appeared in New Orleans in 1890. Drum kit of that times was significantly different from the modern. At the beginning, drummers played in the bass drum by the leg. Pedal was invented later. The first bass drum pedals had no springs. After the impact, pedal could not return to original position. The rapid evolution of the drumset started two decades later. The talented New York drummer Gene Krupa offered his own arrangement of the drums, and this "turned" all the drums world of 1930s. Dynamic development of the drums occurred in the heyday of rock music. Saucy genre demanded a fundamentally different sound. To achieve the desired effect, it was necessary to change not only the composition of the drum set, but the configuration. Many musicians have contributed to the development of this instrument. This process continues to this day.

Drum kit can be heard, for example, in the music of the classics of the twentieth century - Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin and Alfred Schnittke. Drums are widely used in modern music of various genres, be it pop, rock, jazz or metal. Revolution in the world of music has committed invention of the electronic drums.

Components of the drum kit and its type depend of the style of music you want to play. Therefore very important to choose the drum kit correctly. Musician.UA will help you!

How to choose and buy a drum kit?

Buy a drum kit in Kiev or any other city in Ukraine is simply, even if there is no music store in the vicinity. Services of Musician are readily available across all the country. Drum kits are available too.

Musician stores are placed in different cities of Ukraine. Our highly qualified consultants will help you choose the best configuration of drum kit for your needs. If you have no opportunity to visit the store, you can use the online services at Musician.UA. Consultants will help you choose a suitable instrument via Internet. The process of buying a drum kit via Internet does not take long. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible to all corners of Ukraine. Request "buy a drum kit" will help to find the necessary information, using search.

Comprehend the new and explore the world of music with us. Because Musician is a friend to musician!

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