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Harmonica's holder Peace PE-62
Harmonica's holder Peace PE-62
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Harmonica's holder Peace PE-62


Peace PE-62

Harmonica's holder, universal. Metal

Code: 21-15-2-1


52 / months.

In installments
We offer you to purchase the goods
by making our interest-free installment.
That is, You do not overpay for a commodity a dime!
Make it easy: after choosing goods in the store,
You pay the first installment and take out
the purchased item, and within the next 6 months
pay the remaining amount.

The terms of the installment purchase in the online store

• the recommended down payment is 60-70%;
• for regular customers with a positive history
of payments, possible contribution from 30%;
• you will pay the balance in equal installments.
Within the next 6 months from
the time of purchase

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The first installment 309
6  payments 51.5
The sum of all payments 618
Overpayment 0 ₴
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Peace PE-62

Harmonica's holder, universal. Metal

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Color Silver
Intended for Brass and Woodwind
  • Саша Лаптев 16 March 2016

    Давно искал такую штуку,всё хотел попробовать одновременно с гитарой.Теперь осталось только на гармошке играть научится)

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Harmonica's holder Peace PE-62
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