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In 2019 Biamp Systems announced the acquisition from 3d Investors of Audioprof Group International, which owns the brands Community Loudspeakers and Apart Audio. Community Professional Loudspeakers is an American manufacturer of loudspeakers and sound reinforcement equipment. In the early seventies, the company's developed horn cluster systems, including the Leviathan Fiberglass Basshorn, were used by Elvis Presley (1971) on their tours, as well as the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Earth, Wind & Fire. Community Professional Loudspeakers equipment is also well known for its all-weather loudspeakers, which are installed in major sports stadiums and arenas around the world. This same quality makes the company's loudspeakers a valuable component in outdoor emergency communication systems such as the Tidal Information System in Venice, Italy.

The history of the origin and development of Community Loudspeakers:

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