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Discover the everlasting feel of vinyl with simple controls and a stable Bluetooth connection. With the Sony PS-LX310BT player, you can enjoy clear, natural sou..
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Sony Corporation is one of the most famous manufacturers of electronics and ranks second in the world in its production after Matsushita Electric Corporation. Since its founding shortly after the end of World War II, Sony has produced a number of revolutionary products, including the transistor radio, the Trinitron TV, the Betamax VCR, the CD player, the Walkman portable cassette player, and the PlayStation. The electronics segment, which includes audio and video products, televisions, personal computers, monitors, computer peripherals, telecommunications devices, and electronic components (such as semiconductors), generates about two-thirds of the company's total revenue. Sony Corporation is the electronics division and parent company of the Sony Group, which conducts business through four operating segments – electronics (including video games, network services and medical business), motion pictures, music and financial services. All of this makes Sony one of the most extensive entertainment companies in the world. Sony's main operating segments include Sony Corporation (Sony Electronics in the US), Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Mobile Communications (formerly Sony Ericsson) and Sony Financial. Sony is one of the world's top 20 semiconductor sales leaders and is the world's fourth largest TV manufacturer after Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and TCL.

Sony was founded by former Navy lieutenant Akio Morita and defense contractor Masaru Ibuka. Morita, a weapons researcher, first met Ibuka during World War II while developing a heat-seeking missile system and a night vision scope. After the war, Ibuka worked as a radio repairman in a bomb-ravaged Tokyo department store. Morita found him again after reading in a newspaper that Ibuka had invented the shortwave converter. In May 1946, they formed a partnership with $500 in debt capital and registered their company under the name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha.