The Studiomaster AI4 is a flat picture-shaped loudspeaker that can be hung on the wall. Any kind of picture can be superimposed on the front panel. Feat..
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In 1976, Studiomaster was found by a group of passionate young engineers who decided to design their own brand to overcome the shortcomings of UK’s amplifiers at that time. The company started with the name, Recording Studio Design(RSD), targeting how to bring the high sound quality from studios to large live PA systems.

The amplifier 800B of highest power rate (800w) was produced in 1978. Again in 1980, the amplifier Mosfet 1000 (1000w) was launched by Studiomaster which had exceeded the power of 800B, predicting a breakthrough of amplifier design. Among other competitors, Studiomaster stably achieved her own niche in pro-audio field, always well-known for the stability of amp products.

Studiomaster start producing mixing consoles, more and more Studiomaster consoles have been seen in studios and audio projects.

Invented the world’s first VLM (Valve Leadmaster)

Start producing effects

Invent the world’s first MIDI mixing console

Start producing loudspeakers

Launch the world’s first entertainment mixing consoles.