The Music Alliance

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The Music Alliance

The Music Alliance (TMA) is a highly dynamic distribution company, in direct contact with over 4500 retailers and luthiers across Europe. TMA started out as a family business in 1979 and has grown to become one of the leading companies in it’s field. A 13,000 m2 head office houses a staff of 25, with in-house services like a marketing department, a graphic design department, a photo studio, a video studio, a luthier workshop and an instrument setup/repair center. With more than 160 suppliers from all over the world TMA has firmly positioned itself in the center of the musical instruments industry.


Improve overall business performance

TMA members are joining together to increase the competitiveness of their independently owned businesses. By pooling buying power we are able to lower the operating costs (e.g. personnel, warehouse, purchase, sales and marketing), to better respond to competition, and to improve our overall business’ performance.

Create greater negotiating power

Negotiations are based on power, not desire or tactics. By convincing manufacturers we handle the biggest part of Europe, we are more interesting to them. With a coverage of more than 4500 points of sales The Music Alliance is currently the third biggest sales network on the European continent.

Adding 15 products weekly

The Music Alliance distributes 17,800 products from over 200 leading brands and manufacturers in the musical products industry. By joining the Music alliance you can extend your range of products immediately. An average of 15 new products is added every week.

Save money and time

We are in contact with over 160 different manufacturers, each TMA partner is only connected with the headquarters which means they will save time negotiating prices and conditions with suppliers. In our central warehouse we buffer stock for the whole of Europe. Each partner receives a shipment weekly.