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Hearing Protection

Musicians, take care of your ears!

Protecting your hearing from harmful noise is important to preserving your hearing clarity. Hearing loss due to noise exposure can be caused by a one-time exposure to a loud sound or repeated exposure to sounds at various loudness levels over an extended period of time. Research has shown that enjoying music at a live concert or through loud speakers and earphones can have irreversible effects on the health of hearing. If you enjoy listening to loud music at a rock concert, be sure to wear hearing protection to avoid damaging your hearing.

The easiest way to protect your hearing is to buy a pair of cheap foam earplugs to wear at concerts. These are not the best earplugs for musicians, they are cheap and can be found in most stores. The downside is that they greatly reduce high frequencies, which distorts or muffles the sound quality of music, resulting in an unfavorable listening experience.

Earplugs, which are made for musicians, equally reduce all frequencies and retain quality, although at a safer volume. They can be made of softer silicone, or some are a more rigid material that will soften in the ear canal from your body heat to allow a stable seal.

Better hearing protection can be achieved using active attenuating earbuds, which are the best musicians’ earplugs. The sound attenuation is digitally controlled and allows a variable level of adjustment. But they are very expensive.

IEMs are earpieces containing two or three speakers. When inserted into the ear canal, the device effectively seals off outside noise and delivers a custom mix of vocals and instrumentation directly to the musician's ear. In-ear monitors are great not only for musicians, but also for casual listeners. They typically offer a better fit and greater sound isolation, and they sound better than generic earbuds. If you’re shopping for in-ear monitors, there are many factors to consider, but in terms of hearing protection, consider how much isolation they provide and decide whether you want universally fitting IEMs or custom-molded monitors. Custom IEMs and earplugs avoid issues with fit and seal by contouring your ears exactly for a perfect fit that never falls out. Either way, having IEMs with interchangeable ambient filters is a great option, because you can either have more complete isolation using them as earplugs or put in a passive filter that will attenuate volumes less dramatically.

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Protecting your ears is critical to ensure your future years of music-making. In this increasingly noisy world in which we all live, we advise you to carry earplugs with you. You can buy hearing protection in our stores. You can also place an order on the musician.ua website. Our online store was created by musicians for musicians and is designed to help you in creativity and life.