Superior audio quality is ensured by signal processing circuitry with a 96 kHz/24-bit sampling rate and internal 32-bit processing. Frequency response remains f..

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This handy handheld recorder puts five of Zoom's best microphone capsules in the palm of your hand, giving you the perfect pickup patterns for any situation..

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Universal windshield for Zoom gun microphone. This windscreen protects your recording from unwanted noise caused by various weather conditions. Now you don..
Our optional Zoom SGH6 Shotgun capsule adds a professional-quality hyperdirectional (that is, highly directional) microphone to the H5 and the H6, making it the..
The Zoom SCU-20 Recorder Case is a durable protection for your recorder and useful accessories. This lightweight and versatile bag provides evenly spaced foam s..

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The addition to the R-Series is a recorder, mixer and control surface. That's an ambitious task for such a modest device. An intuitive, versatile desktop so..

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Zoom H8 is the only recorder that adapts to your way of creating. 12 simultaneous recording tracks, interchangeable capsules, and an App-driven touchscreen inte..

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The Zoom H6essential is more than just a recorder, it's a portable six-channel digital recording studio that delivers perfect sound quality with a 32-bit fl..

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Our products are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the creators who use them. The Zoom H5 provides four tracks of simultaneous recording and, like o..

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The Zoom H4essential recorder is a portable 4-channel digital recording studio that delivers perfect sound quality without the need for input gain adjustment th..
The Zoom H1essential is a portable stereo recorder ideal for musicians, podcasters, filmmakers, and content creators. This device allows you to record sound in ..

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Sound quality is an important aspect of any audiovisual production, whether it's a movie, video, or audio podcast. The Zoom F8n Pro can make your creative j..
Keep your Zoom H5 safe with the PCH-5 protective case. Custom fitted for your handy recorder, the PCH-5 will keep your recorder safe without sacrificing po..
Keep your Zoom H4n and H4n Pro safe with the PCH-4n protective case. Custom fitted for your handy recorder, the PCH-4n will keep your recorder safe without sacr..

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ZOOM AD-17E Zoom AD17E power supply for recorders and portastudios. 5 V/1000 mA, (center - minus). Compatible with models recorder Zoom H1, H2n, H5, H6, Q2HD, Q..
Zoom has a reputation for producing quality professional audio recorders. So when Zoom combined its audio and video expertise into the original Zoom Q8, it seem..
The Zoom Q2n-4K combines unrivaled audio with crisp 4K imaging to completely capture your rehearsals, performances and live streams like never before. ..
The Zoom PodTrak P8 is a portable multitrack podcast recording device designed to record, edit and create multi-person podcasts anywhere you go without the need..
Compact, affordable, and loaded with features, the Zoom PodTrak P4 makes it easy to capture professional quality audio wherever you’re recording your podc..
Start turning out podcasts, new livestreams, and fresh content in no time with the Zoom ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Pack, a complete bundle featuring a broadcast-style US..
Create professionally sounding podcasts. Whether you’re taking your first step into podcasting or upgrading your setup, the ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack helps y..
The Zoom AM7 is the perfect audio companion for your Android device. Ideal for music videos, video podcasts, vlogging and more, the Am7 makes your videos sound ..
The iQ7 from Zoom is a compact mid-side stereo condenser microphone for Lightning-equipped iOS devices. It allows for up to 48 kHz/16-bit, mono-compatible audio..
The Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone from Zoom turns your iOS device with Lightning connector into a field recorder for capturing the sounds of concerts, int..
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Zoom produces a wide array of recording devices, including a line of portable “handy” recorders as well as multi-effects processors, effects pedals, drum machines and samplers. Over the past thirty years, the company has established a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative yet affordable products which are based on original microchip designs. Founded in 1983 and based in Tokyo, Japan, the Zoom Corporation spent its first years helping other manufacturers develop sound generator LSI, rhythm machines and MIDI synchronizer systems. In 1989, the first Zoom product was unveiled: the 9002, an ultra-compact multi-effects processor designed to be attached to a guitar strap. It was a huge success. This was followed by the rack-mountable 9010, which featured the world's first 4-In/4-Out individual signal processing. In 1992, the high-end 9200 came to market and soon became a fixture in studios everywhere. The popular Zoom Player series of guitar effects was launched in 1994, along with the Zoom Studio series, which continue to be found in the racks of many musicians today.The following year, the Zoom 500 series of footpedals was introduced, including the 506 bass pedal and the extraordinarily popular 505 guitar pedal, the best-selling multi-effects pedal ever.

But it was in 2006 that Zoom totally redefined the state of the art in audio for video with the release of the revolutionary H4 Handy Recorder. Small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, the battery-powered H4 offered an onboard X/Y stereo microphone, the ability to record up to four tracks of 96/24 audio directly to SD card in either WAV or MP3 format, built-in effects including a guitar tuner and metronome, and a USB port that allowed the H4 to be connected to a computer. A smaller Handy Recorder, the H2, was released in 2007, followed by the H4n in 2009. All became standards of the industry.

In 2013, the third-generation H6 Handy Recorder was announced—a six-track recorder which offers a slew of advanced features, including a system of interchangeable microphone capsules which can be swapped out as easily as the lens of a camera. Under the steady hand of CEO Masahiro Iijima, Zoom is dedicated to continually developing new products that allow artists to more freely express their ideas yet are accessible to anyone, from amateur to professional. The company's staff represents a fusion of engineering expertise and artistic sensibilities; they know it’s not just a matter of having advanced technological skills but also the sense and desire to employ them creatively and imaginatively. In the summer of 2013, Zoom North America was formed. The first product to be distributed by ZNA is the groundbreaking H6 Handy Recorder.