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Acoustic Screens

Microphone sound insolation

A microphone isolation shield is a filter that reduces unwanted noises. It also improves the sound quality of recordings by isolating the microphone from the surrounding environment. Reflection filters have dense acoustic materials that dampen and absorb sound wave reflections.​ Before choosing any type of microphone isolation shield, it’s important to understand how they work and why they’re used. While many microphone reflection filters look the same, they actually serve different purposes.

Not everyone can afford modern equipment or studio time in a professional environment, so using an isolation shield is a temporary solution if you plan to record in noisy environments. For example, recording at home may pickup chatter from other rooms or outside noises. A portable isolation shield acts as a buffer to get rid of those sounds. The thick polyurethane acoustic foam offers outstanding results for absorbing surrounding noises and making recordings cleaner. However, isolation shields are not a permanent solution if you want to block unwanted noises. They do a really good job at suppressing most ambient and distant noises, but the result is not perfect. There are some parameters to consider when buying an isolation microphone shield:

Installation and placement

If you prefer sitting while recording, consider a desktop filter. If you prefer standing, choose a filter that mounts to a mic stand or boom. There are also isolation filters designed for both scenarios.

Adjustment and position

Ensure the microphone mounting brackets, and shield mounts are adjustable. Positioning the mic’s depth, height, and angle will give you optimal recording conditions in various environments.

Isolation shield weight

Ensure your microphone stand can hold the weight of the isolation shield without tipping over. Also, consider the weight if you travel or record in different environments. Lightweight designs are more portable and manageable.

Isolation shield size

Choose an acoustic shield with a large absorptive filter that curves around your microphone. Greater isolation will give you optimum protection from reflected frequencies and background noise. Also, know your mic size. If the filter is too small, background noise and reflections might compromise the quality of your recording. Therefore, taller mics will require a larger surface arc.

Materials and construction

Ensure the acoustic materials and shield construction are durable and high-quality. Rugged construction will last longer during travel and heavy use in demanding work environments. Also, consider the thickness of the acoustic materials. Thick, high-density acoustic foam will absorb and dampen sound waves better.


Ensure the isolation shield and mounting hardware are compatible with your microphone and stand.

Portability and storage

If you are traveling or recording in a variety of environments, consider a lightweight and foldable isolation screen. The collapsible design will also make it easy to store or fit in your bag.

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